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About Me



“If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing.” -Agnes Sallet Von Tannenberg


I am a Bradley childbirth educator, CAPPA Labor doula and PBi certified Placenta Encapsulator; but, first and foremost I’m a mother to my amazing children, Imriel, Rowan, Kieran and Aisling and a wife  to my incredibly supportive husband, Elliot. All of whom have aided me in finding my niche among the birthing community.


I have a passion and profound respect for all life.  It’s in my nature to tend and nurture anything from a tree sapling to an earthworm to a raccoon with unfettered  joy. It makes sense that I graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.  I never knew that it was the miracle of human life that would completely captivate me until my first son was conceived.

~Ahr Story~

When I became pregnant with my son, I knew I wanted to provide him with the best possible start I could give.  I read, researched and reflected on as much information about pregnancy and birth as I could absorb. My finding was that there was no question that the safest and healthiest beginning for my son was through natural childbirth and breastfeeding. My husband and I took the highly recommended Bradley Method classes,  that taught us as a couple how to birth confidently as nature intended, together.  I had my son, naturally, at Austin Area Birthing Center, a free-standing birth center, with the help of my husband, two nurses, and my midwife.  Immediately after I pushed him free of my body I held our new son to my breast and he nursed peacefully, the two of us encircled in my husband’s arms.  It was the most joyful,  serene and incredibly empowering experience I have ever had the privilege of feeling.  Sharing that moment with my husband bonded us immediately and immensely as the new family we were!


After Imriel was born, we decided that we wanted for me to stay home with him.  I continued my reading in matters of pregnancy, birth and raising a child and my hunger grew and became insatiable. With the urging of my husband, I sought out to become a Bradley Birth Instructor and labor doula, appreciating the strength of both because of our birth experience.  After training I continued to hunger. Through a turn of very fateful events I was introduced, trained and certified by a wonderful CAPPA instructor furthering my labor doula knowledge tremendously. These teachings validated the innate thoughts and feelings I had about the birthing environment and children. The first birth I ever attended was for one of my best friends.  The experience inspired me to begin this mission rooted in ministry to helping others.  It was a culmination point for me and my new found vocation as a labor doula.

My journey has continued…I have always been fascinated by the amazing temporary organ we grow with our child: the placenta! One of my birth junkie friends’ and midwife suggested to me, “you should encapsulate placentas!” as we were discussing the benefits of placenta encapsulation. I thought that was a great idea and sought how to do it. Half a year and 4 placentas later, I was a certified placenta encapsulator through Placenta Benefits aiding mothers in their postpartum recovery!

~My Philosophy~

I want to support pregnant mothers emotionally, physically, and with information, to help inspire and educate them about their birth rights and how to listen to their intuition and realize they are mothers by nature. Parents are their children’s advocates; only we can protect our children and we can only accomplish this by being informed about the choices we make for ourselves and our little ones.  It is imperative that expectant parents understand that there are options for childbirth and it is their right to choose. Women were created to be able to birth utilizing the innate knowledge within their bodies. I want to aid them in finding that knowledge and help to instill in them the courage to birth as women have for thousands of years, naturally, beautifully and holistically. Armed with factual information and attuned to their inner voice, they too can take an active role in their pregnancy and birth and make informed decisions regarding themselves and the precious life growing inside them, providing their child the best beginning they can. What an incredible start to give a newborn!14089476_10108710640807874_1846273657_n

I wish you the most blessed of Birth-days!