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Bradley Classes

“The hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world and always will. Motherly women and fatherly men acting as wholesome symbols of strength and righteousness in a family setting of mutual love and respect continue to be essential to progress in any civilization.” -Robert Bradley


What is the Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method, also known as “husband-coached childbirth” is a birthing style that supports natural childbirth with the coaching  and support of your husband (or coach of the mother’s choosing). Dr. Robert Bradley created the method in 1947 after being inspired by his observations of the birthing instincts of the mammals on his family farm. He noticed that when mammals labored and gave birth, they did so, seemingly, without pain and with grace and joy. He analyzed how they accomplished this and developed this method. He coached mothers and fathers how to birth this way and was extremely successful in these endeavors. The goal of the Bradley Method is healthy mothers and healthy babies, this is why natural childbirth is encouraged. Interventions and drugs are not part of the natural birthing process and can lead to a number of problems and further cascade into more serious complications. This method teaches how important good nutrition is, especially during pregnancy and how to manage pain in labor naturally for a fulfilling labor and birth.

All Bradley® Classes Include/cover:

*Small Classes/personal attention
*6 Weekly Classes
*Student Workbook
*Labor Rehearsals Coaches Training
*Birth Plans & lots more…

The information above and more can be found on the Bradley Method website.

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